Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Interview: Peter Stampfel, Founder of '60's folk-psych band The Holy Modal Rounders

11:00 PM.- Steve di Costanzo, Radio Base Camp Radio Base Camp interviews Peter Stampfel, a founder of the Holy Modal Rounders and one-time member of The Fugs. The Holy Modal Rounders blend of folk music revival and psychedelia gave them a cult-like following from the late 60s into the 70s. The interview comes on the heels of a new DVD release of the '06 documentary The Holy Modal Rounders... Bound to Lose. The film offers insight into the lives of Stampfel and his band partner, Steve Weber and their career as The Holy Modal Rounders. It tells of their deteriorating relationship over time, and at the end discloses that Weber dropped out of sight just before the 40th anniversary reunion of the Holy Modal Rounders, that no band member has seen Steve Weber for nearly a year, but that he is thought to be living somewhere in West Virginia. Technorati tags: ,