Saturday, April 15, 2006

Joe Lieberman declines WPKN's invitation to debate Ned Lamont

We tried to arrange a radio debate between incumbent Senator Lieberman and his challenger for the Democractic nomination, Ned Lamont. The Lamont campaign accepted our invitation. On Friday, April 14th, we received the following response from Sean Smith, Lieberman's campaign manager:
Our campaign is focused on winning over delegates to the State Democratic convention on May 20. We anticipate being the endorsed Democratic candidate for Senate coming out of that convention. If our opponent petitions to challenge us in a primary, then we will enter into debate negotiations with his campaign at that time. Until then, we are focused on securing the necessary delegates to be the Democratic nominee for Senate.
Although we are disappointed that Joe Lieberman won't accept our invitation to debate before the convention, we hope that things will change before either a primary (August 8th) or the general election (November 7th). Until then, stay tuned to WPKN, where something interesting is always happening. UPDATE 4/19/06: Welcome FDL readers! If you're new to us, please give us a listen. We're in western CT and Long Island at 89.5 FM, and eastern LI & CT at 88.7 FM, and we have an audio stream if you live far away. Technorati tags: , , ,