Saturday, January 10, 2009

Second Saturday Magazine on WPKN

10:00 PM Second Saturday Magazine – Binnie Klein fills in for Bob Johnson with co-host Jo Williamson.
  • 10:00 AM Susan Jacoby “The Age of American Unreason,” from the author’s website: “This impassioned, tough-minded work of contemporary history paints a disturbing portrait of a mutant strain of public ignorance, anti-rationalism, and anti-intellectualism that has developed over the past four decades and now threatens the future of American democracy.”
  • 10:30 AM Katha Pollitt ; Nation Magazine columnist and author of “Learning to Drive and Other Life Stories.” The Guardian -"Pollitt is mischievous, jaunty, sassy, sly.... It's not just [her] sentences that are literary; it's her point of view."
  • 11:30 AM Nanatte Gartrell “My Answer is No, If That’s Okay with you….”offers creative, practical ways to transform an automatic or reluctant yes into a healthy, respectful no -- and still feel good about it.”
  • 12 Noon Julia Cameron “The Writing Diet.”. From Paige Waehner: “I'm not a huge fan of weight loss or diet books, mostly because I've read way too many of them and I rarely find one that really engages me. But, there is one new book I've just reviewed... I'm really liking this book.”
  • 12:30 PM Elizabeth Hess “Nim Chimpsky, the Chimp who would be Human.” From the publisher: “…the baby chimp at the center of this ambitious, potentially groundbreaking study, was ‘adopted’ by one of Dr. Terrace’s graduate students and brought home to live with her and her large family in their elegant brownstone on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.”
  • 1:00 PM Jesse Robertson joins us in the studio for some of her music live. From a recent review: “Robertson expertly mixes an alt-country vocal style with electronic drumbeats, possessing a voice that commands attention from the first note. Her tone is captivating; whether floating in a whispered reverie or letting loose over unconventional lyrics and acrobatic melodies." Beth Walker, Performing Songwriter Magazine.
  • 1:40 PM Dr. Leo Kim “Healing the Rift: Bridging the Gap between Science and Spirituality.” While developing new drugs for the treatment of cancer, Dr. Kim describes some of the recent scientific breakthroughs that led him to the belief that the world is a blending of mind and spirit.
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