Saturday, August 29, 2009

August 29:: Second Saturday Magazine special fifth Saturday Magazine

Second Saturday Magazine
           10 AM Guest Roy Rowan, author of FIRST DOGS, begins with
           George Washington's hunting hounds to George W. Bush's
           Scottish terrier Barney, whom the 43rd president called
           "the son I never had," and includes the Obamas' Bo. 
           10:20 AM Journalist Amy Efaw talks about her novel,
           AFTER. From a recent review:  An infant is left in the
           trash to die. A teenage mother [Devon] who never knew
           she was pregnant is charged with attempted murder. Ms.
           Efaw takes the reader on Devon's unforgettable journey
           toward clarity, acceptance, and redemption.

           10:40 AM Cecile Andrews, author of LESS IS MORE, is an
           absorbing collection of essays by the Simplicity and
           Sustainability movements' leading thinkers and
           11:00 AM ET Robert Goolrick is this hour's guest. The
           Washington Post warns,  Don't be fooled by the prissy
           cover or that ironic title. Robert Goolrick's first
           novel, A RELIABLE WIFE, isn't just hot, it's in heat: a
           gothic tale of such smoldering desire it should be read
           in a cold shower. 
           11:20 AM Therapist Joanne Stern, PhD, talks about her
           CONNECTED TO YOUR KIDS FOR LIFE. Steven Covey raves:  A
           marvelous book that transcends the usual parenting
           advice and focuses on one-to-one relationships.
           11:40 AM Les Leopold 
           12 Noon TRAVEL ON THE EDGE is a new feature on the SSM
           that features unusual off the beaten path news and
           stories from travelers. The co-host is, Robert Reid,
           managing editor of The Lonely Planet Travel Guides.
           1:00 PM Libby and Carrie Johnson perform live in the
           studio. They are playing Café 9 in New Haven at Sat

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