Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Between The Lines Radio News magazine - 5:30 pm August 4

A review of the week's under-reported news stories and this week's interview segments: 1) Lawsuit Aims to Shine Light on Bush Era Illegal Covert Action. Interview with Nate Cardozo, Open Government Legal Fellow with the Electronic Frontier Foundation, conducted by Scott Harris. 2) Rise in Israeli Violence Against West Bank Palestinians Requires U.S. Response. Interview with Mazin Qumsiyeh, Palestinian-American activist, conducted by Melinda Tuhus. 3) Henry Louis Gates Jr.-Police Incident Reveals America's Unresolved Issues of Race and Class. Interview with David Kairys, professor of constitutional law at Temple Law School, conducted by Scott Harris. Subscribe to free program summaries, interview transcripts, mp3 audio & podcast downloads at http://www.btlonline.org