Tuesday, December 16, 2008

This Afternoon on Between the Lines

Between the Lines Radio Newsmagazine Heard every Wednesday at 8:00 am (7:30 am during fund drives) with repeat broadcasts on Saturday at 2:00 pm and Tuesday at 5:30 pm. A review of the week's under-reported news stories and this week's interview segments:
  • Auto Industry Bailout Should Strive for Long-Term Structural Change, Not Short-Term Profits. Interview with Robert Weissman, editor of Multinational Monitor, conducted by Scott Harris.
  • Hardline Jewish Settler Violence Against IDF Has Alienated Many Israelis. Interview with Hagit Ofran, director of the Settlement Watch Projectof Peace Now, conducted by Melinda Tuhus.
  • Obama Must Make Ending Bush Torture Policy a Top Priority. Interview with Christopher Anders, ACLU Senior Legislative Council, conducted by Scott Harris.
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