Saturday, September 12, 2009

Saturday September 12 on WPKN/WPKM/

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The WPKN / WPKM schedule has been re-arranged to allow a wider variety of news, public affairs and music programs. See the new schedule grid here.

6:00 am  Its A Hit: Musicals with Rob Reeves
:55 am News and Community Announcements

9:00 am  t.b.a. 

10:00 am  Shortcuts to 9/11:  mix by Peter Bochan

10:30 am  "Radio Free Bridgeport" Open Phones - call 203-336-9756

11:00 am  Barricada: John Lugo  in spanish Political discussion with explorations of all types of Latino music, especially Latin rock and nueva trova
 1:00 pm Second Saturday Magazine - Special Edition: Bob Johnson and Jo Williamson  interviews and musical guests including  

  • Guest Jack Zaccara Educational Director for ONE WORLD UNITED AND VIRTUOUS. This bipartisan organization is calling for International Peace and cooperation by offering study groups and "peace" training.
    •   Marci Geller performs live.
    •   (tentative) John Green author of the new young adult fiction PAPER TOWNS. Since its inception his popular blog, Brotherhood 2.0, has had about 37 million unique individual hits.
    •   Marina Neary producer/writer/director for the new play LADY WITH A LAMP. A controversial play that explores the almost mythical Florence Nightingale.
    •   Tony Gerber and Jesse Moss Co-producers for thedocumentary film about US soldiers training in the California desert before deploying to Iraq FULL BATTLE RATTLE.
    •   Kathy Zimmer performs live. 
     4:00 pm  Good Music: Ken Best

    7:00 pm 
     Leaving the 20th Century with no Regrets: Scott Schapleigh
    An atom splits. An Armstrong walks. An Aeon awaits. Future now radio.

    10:00 pm  Mikki's Room:

    A room full of African-American and Native American culture, with history, poetry, what’s been and what could be. Always connecting with those behind the walls (in regional prisons), and scaling our personal walls, too.
     2:00 am Jazz with Liz Becker
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