Sunday, September 06, 2009

Sunday September 6 on WPKN/WPKM/

Starting this week the WPKN / WPKM schedule has been re-arranged to allow a wider variety of news, public affairs and music programs. See the new schedule grid here.

5:00 am  Advance Radio: in Haitian with Serge Petit-Homme
  Music and information with Maria Cecilia Petit-Homme.
7:00 am Black Introspectives: Leroy Williams & Eric Ford,
10:00 am Morning Maniac Music: David Golden

1:00 pm  Live Music: produced by WPKN

2:00 pm  La Esquina Latina: Luis Pomales with music from hotter spots-Latin jazz, pop

5:00 pm Between The Lines: WPKN's award-wining review of the news and opinion not heard on the major media.  This week's interviews

5:30 pm Dave Zinovenko:  for the kids

7:00 pm  Antique Blues: Bill Nolan with the longest running music program on WPKN

10:00 pm  History Counts:  Ken McDermotRoe talks with John Tayor Gatto,  author of The Underground History of American Education and Dumbing Us Down.
The early American system of education produced leaders like Washington, Franklin and Lincoln, as well as, a highly literate population.  However, in the late 19th century, it was replaced by a new system of compulsory schooling imported from Prussia by American industrialists whose goal was to create a compliant workforce. 
10:30 pm   Dave "Casey Jones" Schwartz all aboard for a musical trip - folk included

12:00 am Paralelo Zero - Radio Brazil: K.C. Vaz  brings pop and Brazil together 

2:00 am Bobby Mondavi
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