Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Wednesday, September 2 on WPKN/WPKM/

Starting this week the WPKN / WPKM schedule has been re-arranged to allow a wider variety of news, public affairs and music programs. A complete schedule grid will be available soon. 

6:00 am WPKN Morning - music, news, information  - today with Ebong Udoma
including news at 6:55, 7:55 and 8:55
8:55 am News and Community Announcements 

9:00 am
I-Messiah: Reggae  (reggae fans note: reggae Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 9am-12noon)

11:55 am News and Community Announcements 

12 Noon   Between The Lines Radio News magazine Heard every Wednesday at 12:00 noon with repeat broadcasts on Sunday at 5:30 pm. Podasts and mp3 audio at  A review of the week's under-reported news stories and this week's interview segments.
12:30 pm History Counts: with Ken MacDermotRoe  - Dumbing Us Down
The early American system of education produced leaders like Washington, Franklin and Lincoln, as well as, a highly literate population.  However, in the late 19th century, it was replaced by a new system of compulsory schooling imported from Prussia by American industrialists whose goal was to create a compliant workforce.  Our guest is John Taylor Gatto, author of The Underground History of American Education and Dumbing Us Down. This program will be repeated on Sunday, September 6 at 10:00 PM and archived at 
1:00 pm  The Carl J. Frano Show - then 50's and 60's return
3:55 pm News and community announcements
4:00 pm  Sometimes Classical: Richard Epstein music across the great divide
5:55 pm Headline News from Free Speech Radio News complete report at 11:00 pm
6:55 pm News and community announcements

7:00 pm Chris Teskey: blue grass and a few surprises

10:00 pm Democracy Now! with Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez - news and in-depth analysis
11:00 pm Free Speech Radio News - National and Global News

11:30 pm Soul Talk: Conscious 
3:00 am t.b.a 
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