Sunday, September 27, 2009

Sunday September 27 on WPKN/WPKM/

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The WPKN / WPKM schedule has been re-arranged to allow a wider variety of news, public affairs and music programs. See the new schedule grid here.

5:00 am Radio Vision with Pierre Mersier in Haitian language
Music and information 
7:00 am Integrative Wellness: Ameni Harris, Maud Joseph and Dr. Z

10:00 am Morning Maniac Music: David Golden

2:00 pm La Esquina Latina: Luis Pomales with music from hotter spots-Latin jazz, pop

5:00 pm Between The Lines: WPKN's award-wining review of the news and opinion not heard on the major media.  This week's interviews

5:30 pm Amazon Radio: Pam Smith presents female vocalists

7:00 pm  Antique Blues: Bill Nolan with the longest running music program on WPKN

10:00 pm Radio Nothing: Rod Richardson

2:00 am Bobby Mondavi

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