Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Between the Lines for Wednesday, October 14 and Sunday October 18

This week's most under-reported news stories and these interviews:

GOP Legislators in Violation of the Logan Act by Supporting Honduran Coup Government

Scott Harris talks to Brendan Cooney, a writer and anthropologist, who explains why he believes Republican Party legislators have broken the law by supporting the illegal Coup-installed government in Honduras.

Israeli Mililtary Refusers on U.S. Tour to Discuss Israel’s Occupation of the West Bank

Melinda Tuhus talks with Netta Mishly and Maya Wind who explain their decision to refuse Israeli military service and their call to Americans to stop supporting the Israeli occupation of the Palestinian West Bank through their tax dollars. 

G-20 Arrest of Elliot Madison for operating a protest communications network

Scott Harris talks with Martin Stolar, the attorney representing Elliot Madison, a man arrested for using Twitter to text message to activists at the recent G-20 protests in Pittsburgh. Stolar explains what’s at stake for civil liberties in the case.

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