Wednesday, October 07, 2009

WPKN and for Wednesday, October 7

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6 AM - Morning on WPKN with Ebong Udoma - music, news and community information

9 AM - Reggae with I Messiah

12 Noon - Between the Lines

12:30 PM - Ken MacDermotRoe presents History Counts. This week's edition: A Century of War, traces the important role of oil in war from World War I when Britain sought to thwart Germany s effort to access mid-east oil through construction of the Berlin to Baghdad Railway to the current wars waged by the United States and its allies in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our guest is William Engdahl, author of "A Century of War."

1 PM - Blast back to the 50s and 60s with the music of The Carl J. Frano Show

4 PM - Richard Epstein's Sometimes Classical brings surprises from all over the musical spectrum.

7 PM - Chris Teskey presents 3 hours of folk, bluegrass and a bit of Celtic.

10 PM - Democracy Now with Amy Goodman

11 PM - Free Speech Radio News

11:30 - Conscious brings you Soul Talk; music and spoken word.

3:00 AM - Bruce Miller presents music new and old from around the world

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