Sunday, October 11, 2009

WPKN and for Sunday, October 11

5:00 am Radio Vision with Pierre Mersier in Haitian language
7:00 am Integrative Wellness: Ameni Harris, Maud Joseph and Dr. Z
10:00 am Morning Maniac Music: David Golden
2:00 pm La Esquina Latina: Luis and Edwin share music from hotter spots-Latin jazz, pop
5:00 pm Between The Lines: WPKN's award-wining review of the news and opinion not heard on the major media.
5:30 pm Pam Smith's Amazon Radio
7:00 pm Antique Blues with Bill Nolan
10:00 pm Dave "Casey Jones" Schwartz's guests will be Danny Kalb and Dolly Curtis.Danny Kalb was the founder of The blues Project. He has performed and recorded with many legends of the day that include Judy Collins, Phil Ochs, Al Kooper, Steve Katz and many others. He'll be talking about his musical career and, up and coming performances with his new band, The Danny Kalb Trio.
Dolly Curtis is a frequent guest of Dave s program. She is the host of the TV series Dolly Curtis Interviews.
12:00 am Paralelo Zero - Radio Brazil: K.C. Vaz brings pop and Brazil together
2:00 am Bobby Mondavi

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