Sunday, October 04, 2009

Sunday, October 4th on WPKN and

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5:00 am   Advance Radio with Serge Petit-Homme. A program of music, and information with Maria Cecilia Petit-Homme. (Haitian language program)

7:00 am   Black Introspectives with Leroy Williams & Eric Ford

10:00 am   Morning Maniac Music: David Golden

2:00 pm  La Esquina Latina: Luis or Edwin present music from hotter spots-Latin jazz, pop

5:00 pm   WPKN's own Between The Lines offers news and opinion not heard on the major media. This week:   * Scott Harris talks with Greg Grandin, professor of history at New York University, who discusses the latest developments in Honduras after ousted president Manual Zelaya clandestinely returned to his nation - taking refuge in the Brazilian Embassy.   * Melinda Tuhus interviews Eric Seitz, attorney for Native American activist and political prisoner Leonard Peltier. He discusses his client’s recent unsuccessful attempt to be released on Parole.   * Scott Harris talks with Journalism Professor Christopher Martin, who summarizes the results of a study he and Professor Peter Dreier conducted on the corporate media’s flawed coverage of alleged scandals surrounding the community organizing group ACORN.

5:30 pm   Dave Zinovenko brings you music for the kids

7:00 pm   Antique Blues: Bill Nolan presents the longest running music program on WPKN

10:00 pm   The old railroader himself, David Schwartz, hauls a boxcar full of folk music and old time goodness

12:00 pm   K.C. Vaz presents Paralelo Zero -Radio Brazil

2:00 am Bobby Mondavi

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