Monday, February 02, 2009

Tonight on Counterpoint hosted by Scott Harris

Counterpoint hosted by Scott Harris heard every Monday between 8:00-10:00 pm.
  • Matthew Rothschild, editor of the Progressive Magazine -- to discuss President Obama's damaging compromises on the stimulus bill, and the House GOP's hostile response to his call for "bipartisan" cooperation.
  • Kathryn Kolbert, president of People for the American Way discusses the need for accountability for former Bush administration officials -- and House Judiciary Committee chair, Rep. John Conyers, subpoena of Karl Rove to testify on Monday about his role in the firing of nine U.S. attorneys and other matters like the prosecution of former Alabama Gov. Don Siegelman.
  • UE Local 1110 Union President Armando Robles and other members of the union representing Republic Windows and Doors workers, talk about their now famous sit down strike and labor's struggle for justice.
  • Human rights worker Audrey Stewart, who just returned from a visit to Gaza, describes the death and destruction she witnessed and the mood of Palestinian civilians bloodied by Israel's recent military attack.
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